Puff-balls Progress

A gourmet’s delight

Day 1
Day 1
Puffballs progress Day 2
Day 2

Ah the glories of autumn have arrived early this year.  My garden has a reputation for these wonderful surprises but they do not usually arrive until early October.  But then as this summer has not happened (yet) perhaps autumn has decided to fill the gap.  So here we have the delightful Langermannia gigantea or the Giant Puff-ball.

I am not going to pluck it from the ground yet.  Last year I had one that was too big to fit into a standard plastic bag.  But I am already looking for recipes.  Found  one in Roger Phillip’s book Wild Food that suggests slicing it thickly, dip in batter  then breadcrumbs and fry with bacon until golden.  Tempting – but I’m still not going to pick it yet.


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