A Load of old lentils

Love them or not, lentils exist.  Furthermore they have every right to exist.  But existing alongside all the mouth watering delicacies, succulent dishes and intoxicating flavours that fill human existence with light and joy,  it must, from a lentil’s perspective, be a struggle.

So here’s my attempt to lighten the poor old lentil’s load……… turn it into a sprout.

Nothing could be easier or cheaper AND sprouting turns an extremely boring little thing into a tasty little addition to a dish.  HOWEVER……they can still do the dirty on a discerning palate if they become more than a tiny little sprout.

So, sprout them fast and eat them even faster.  Here’s how to do it.

Place lentils of your choice (green, brown etc.) in a jar with a loose fitting lid, cover with water and allow to have a leisurely soak overnight.

Next morning, drain off water, replace lid loosely on top and place jar in a dark cupboard.  DON’T FORGET THEM.  Leave them in the cupboard until the evening.  Then, fill the jar with water again, drain, replace loose fitting lid and place  back in cupboard overnight. You COULD repeat this step just once more BUT NO LONGER (otherwise the lentils become long and boring).  And there’s nothing worse than a boring lentil!

 The lentils are ready to eat when they look like oversized commas.  Enjoy

Green Lentils having a lazy soak
Green Lentils having a lazy soak
Lentils soaked and drained
Lentils soaked and drained
Sprouts have sprouted.  Now eat and enjoy!
Sprouts have sprouted. Now eat and enjoy!

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