Then the sun went in again

Oh woe!  Methinks it will be as well to just forget about that wonderful feeling we all once knew…..that of the sun on our bodies.

Yes, in this part of the world we do have a reputation for stripping bare at the slightest hint of a sun ray.  But when the sun can be as elusive as it has been this year, it’s no wonder we are all yearning for a bit of sun kissed skin.

Meanwhile, I shall contemplate the change of season.  Michaelmas is approaching (29th September) and we now have a new henge to consider just a short skip and hop away from the well known Stonehenge.    Perhaps a bit of naked worship might not go amiss to welcome in the autumnal blast.  Or, I could concentrate on hot soup.  Hmm….tough choice.


Here’s the soup optionPuffball soup

Giant Puffball soup

If you want to know how to make it, just follow any mushroom soup recipe (especially if you can’t lay your hands on a puffball) and add some coconut milk and creme fraiche.  That should warm the bits that the summer missed this year.

Past Michaelmas
Past Michaelmas the sun is paler
Rising like a shore-leave sailor
Waking up the groggy day
With October on the way
Western gales as chamber maids
Plumping up the clouds
for pillows
Bending poplars, shuffling
Geese well-fattened on the stubble
And the loaves, long in the tin.
With the weather now in trouble
But the harvest safely in.
Then the Goose Fair, late September
‘Barley-month’ its Saxon name
Michaelmas was Quarter Day
When delicious autumn came
Bird on table, hay in stable
Pigs and pannage in the wood
Bread and bannock in the bakehouse
Larder full and household good.
Martin Newell 

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