Hydrangea Heaven

Hydrangea 1Hydrangeas have always been a favourite plant of mine.  I have been taking a lot of cuttings recently as I have a Grand Plan for my front garden.  Whether it actually happens remains to be seen.  But the dream is there, even if I haven’t yet put spade to soil.  So, whilst I try to muster the necessary energy, I thought I would make use of some of the wonderful flower heads.

So, for anyone who also prefers to dream rather than dig, here is something to do whilst procrastinating.  You will need

wreath bits

  • an open weave wreath frame
  • some raffia,
  • scissors,
  • hydrangea flowers

Cut lengths of raffia and insert between the stems on each flower cluster.

flower and raffia

Attach firmly to the wreath frame

tie on

Tie off neatly at the back of frame

fasten neatly

Continue adding more flower around the frame.

complete ring

Voila!  An autumn wreath to enjoy.hang






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