Milk Oolong and Flapjacks

Milk Oolong tea
Milk Oolong Tea

Yesterday afternoon I tasted a cup of perfection.  Milk Oolong tea has been on my tastebuds wish list for a very long time.  It lived up to all I had been encouraged to expect.  A soft, milky sensation with just a hint of fruitiness.  I told our waiter that if I was going to throw every ounce of self control to the wind (which I can do anytime, anywhere) then I could add a spoonful of honey.  Nah…..I decided, I’ll wait until no one is looking and I’m bored, because this cup of absolute wonderfulness was just perfect as it was.

We were sitting in a little treasure of a Tea Room.  Jacqueline’s Tea Room is set in the 1940s, from the bottom to the top.  There’s a thick, golden plaid carpet throughout and the sort of seating that says ‘sit in me and relax‘  We did, enjoying at the same time the music of the period with furniture to match.  The teas on offer are diverse and there is bound to be something there to suit anyones palate.  My friend chose Chai Fire….it lived up to its name as the tips of her ears were glowing by the time we left.  It was a fantastic place to spend a chilly February afternoon and I will definitely put a pin in the map to remind me to go again.

So where do the flapjacks fit into this?  Ah, they came later.  I wasn’t going to allow anything to compete with that milk oolong tea so we declined the tasties on offer.  However, for those of us way beyond any form of control, I did notice that you can get a bottle of Prosecco to go with your tea should you be so inclined.  Another time, maybe.

Someone back at base here has decided that oats are good for one’s liver. That’s what comes with drinking a bottle or two of Prosecco with one’s morning cuppa, I reckon.

Flapjacks 2

Anyway, as porridge has its limitations, I dragged out a recipe that we used to make years ago.  These flapjacks are sticky, delicious, mouthwatering and probably will pile on pounds.  But they are good for your liver, remember.  Hmmm….Prosecco…oats…Prosecco…oats…it’s a tough choice.






8oz oats, 4oz margarine, 4 level tablespoons golden syrup, 3 oz sugar, 1/4 teaspoon salt.


Grease and line  a square tin, about 7″ square.

Put margarine and syrup in a pan and leave over a low heat until melted.

Remove from heat and add sugar, oats and salt.

Put mix into tin and cook at 175C for 30 mins.

Leave to cool in tin for 5 minutes then turn out onto wire rack, remove paper and cut into bars.




  1. I’ve been making these flapjacks recently, after not making any for years and years.

    They were a family favourite when we were kids, cheap and easy to make. If we didn’t get the cooking time quite right, they sometimes came out chewy, rather than crunchy, but no matter – they tasted good either way. We knew the recipe as Prairie Flapjack, but when one of my brothers was very small he called them Furry Flapjacks and the name stuck.

    We used soft brown sugar. And being NZers, butter rather than margarine. I’m tempted to try a small batch with olive oil (a healthy fat). But I’ve heard that oats are good for attacking fat in your system, so maybe I shouldn’t worry?


    • Oats are brilliant all-rounders. They help you to relax as well. Glad you appreciate flapjacks too…..easy for kids to make and you can throw many things into them to perk them up a bit. I think I’ll try butter next time so thanks for the tip.

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