A study in purple

Oo-er….such a long time since I’ve posted here that I’ve almost forgotten how.  I was reminded by a friend recently.  We hadn’t been in touch for AGES and she knew I was still alive and kicking because she had been reading my foodie words.  So, guilt overwhelmed me and I’m BACK.  During our conversation my tendency to throw ingredients together, barely weigh anything, work on intuition and still manage to cobble something together that seemed edible was mentioned.  Good….I reckon there’s no point in making a drama out of a necessity.  So, long may my lacadaisical approach reign.

So kicking off as I mean to continue….we have recently taken an interest in purple food.  Evidently there’s something in it that could protect the old grey matter.  Well, anything that could help me remember things is welcome.  This substance occurs in food across the purple/mauve/red/blue hues.  So we’re talking about red cabbage, beetroot, blueberries, plums, black grapes, aubergines, figs, prunes, blackberries, raisins etc.

Several years ago I stumbled across some orach seeds.  I understand that they are within the amaranth family.  Anyway, once sown in the garden, they happily reseed themselves and will appear every year thereafter.  They are ideal for a small garden, are unobtrusive and certainly don’t invade.  So other vegetables won’t feel overwhelmed by these visitors.

The best bit is they are purple.


I also found a wonderful purple lettuce recently

Red lettuce
Purple/red Romaine lettuce

and decided to cobble together a purple salad.  That, I decided, should put the fear of God into the family.

But the result, as you can see here, was delightful.  I added a good olive oil dressing, a few chopped chives which were lurking in the fridge and just to add a good clash of colours, a few calendula petals.  Ta-da

Red salad

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